Read in the name of your Lord Who created. He created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is Most Honorable, Who taught (to write) with the pen Taught man what he knew not.
[Al-Alaq 96:1-5]

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The Iqra-ul-Quran

Iqra-ul-Quran puts to best use the advantages of internet and online communications for spreading the learning and knowledge of the Glorious Quran for people worldwide, especially those living in non-Muslim countries where Quran tutoring facilities are few and far between.

Iqra-ul-Quran is playing an important role in assisting the Muslim Parents living in non-Muslim countries to meet the challenges associated with the education of Muslim children in such countries. Iqra-ul-Quran helps parents in discharge of their obligation to teach or manage to teach their children Quran right from the age of childhood.  The parents' job is made easy by providing a simple and flexible online medium for teaching Quran. Through user friendly software, the tutor and the student talk to each other through the computer just like a telephone conversation. Tutor and student share and see the same lesson on their respective computer screens. The qualified staff of Iqra-ul-Quran is well able to provide children with the practice and knowledge of proper recitation of the Glorious Quran. This mechanism facilitates learning in an easy and comfortable interpersonal environment.

Iqra-ul-Quran is a non-partisan, independent, unaffiliated and self-governed entity. It is not part of any political or religious group, organization or mosque. Broadly speaking, at Iqra-ul-Quran, the Islamic knowledge (belief and practices) obtained from the mainstream Quran and Sunnah holds the key position.


Iqra-ul-Quran has Alhamdulillah launched its new website.

01st Mar, 2009


I'm very much pleased with the efforts done by the staff at Iqra ul Quran to teach our children in the best possible way with correct 'Tajweed' and also participating in teaching the children about the correct 'Aqeedah'.

Abu Mohammad
New York, USA