Read in the name of your Lord Who created. He created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is Most Honorable, Who taught (to write) with the pen Taught man what he knew not.
[Al-Alaq 96:1-5]

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Why Iqra-ul-Quran

Besides the basic conveniences and common features found intrinsically in any online education facility, at Iqra-ul-Quran, you will 'experience the difference' because of the major distinguishing features it subsumes!

-> Moral and ethical concerns supersede commercial objectives
-> Dedicated and well-disposed team of experts
-> Besides standard Quran tutoring, special emphasis on personality building in the light of the teachings of the Glorious Quran and the authentic Sunnah
-> Carefully planned and well managed study schedules and syllabi
-> Use of high quality software technology that enables immediate and uninterrupted live interaction and feedback between student and tutor.
-> Qualified technical staff and resources to ensure smooth administration and functioning of the online work mechanisms

Very soon other online courses/services will also be launched, please remain in contact for further information and visit our website frequently for more updates.


Iqra-ul-Quran has Alhamdulillah launched its new website.

01st Mar, 2009


I'm very much pleased with the efforts done by the staff at Iqra ul Quran to teach our children in the best possible way with correct 'Tajweed' and also participating in teaching the children about the correct 'Aqeedah'.

Abu Mohammad
New York, USA