"And (it is) a Quran which We have divided (into parts), in order that you might recite it to men at intervals. And We have revealed it by stages."
[Al-Israa 17:106]

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System Requirements

It's simple!

You just need the following items:


Personal/Laptop Computer
Broadband Internet connection (DSL/cable)
Headphones with microphone for live voice communication.


Internet browser

Skype. Internet telephony software for voice conversation.
(Click here to download for Free)

Gotomeeting. Screen sharing software for sharing computer screen (will be provided when you will start your classes.)

(Full assistance for voice conversation and screen sharing will be provided.)

That's it! If you experience any problem while downloading these software, contact our Customer Support Service.


Iqra-ul-Quran has Alhamdulillah launched its new website.

01st Mar, 2009


I'm very much pleased with the efforts done by the staff at Iqra ul Quran to teach our children in the best possible way with correct 'Tajweed' and also participating in teaching the children about the correct 'Aqeedah'.

Abu Mohammad
New York, USA